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Our Mission: Office Expansion: Our most exciting news involves the recent expansion and renovation of our facility. We have added more space for our reception area, therapy gym and additional private exam/treatment rooms. We are happy to have a little more space while maintaining a close relationship with our patients during their therapy sessions.

Aquatic Therapy: We continue to offer Aquatic Therapy Services at the local Good Shepherd Church indoor heated pool located just a few blocks from our office on Stockton St. in the Riverside area of Jacksonville. A therapist is at the pool with the patients at all times and guides them through specific exercises and activities to promote pain relief, increased flexibility, strength and improved daily activity ability.

Massage Therapy: At Focus we offer skilled Massage Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy and Hot Stone Massage treatments . Our skilled Massage Therapists assist the Physical Therapists with some of the patient massage treatments in addition to offering private treatments for all customers. Please contact our office to make an appointment and inquire about prices and packages. Former patients that have been discharged from therapy services are also offered a discount for ongoing private massages.